Career Change? Again…..?

Okay so for those of you who don’t personally know me, I’ve had a LOT of jobs. At 16 I started working at Pizza Hut, then went on to a nursing home as an aide, then worked as an activities assistant in the same facility. After that I got a job at JC Penney, intending to keep it through college. 😒 Well it turns out that driving an SUV 45 minutes one way just for a 4 hour shift just wasn’t practical, especially since I ended up not staying at that school. So fast forward and I’m working at Mount Aloysius, an assisted living facility for men with developmental disabilities. I ended up working here twice in two different summers.

Deciding that the long hours, most of the time working 7 days a week was just too much, I left this job and made the decision to go back to college. Through school I went back to Pizza Hut part time just to earn some extra cash to help get me by. I graduated with a degree in Environmental Science, and got a job working for a Soil and Water Conservation District in a neighboring county. I loved my job and loved my coworkers, but it was a dead end. I had no chance for pay raises, no opportunity for over time or extra hours, and no chance of advancing in the district to any higher paying positions. All of this lead me to fall into a multilevel marketing job with Herbalife as an Independent Distributor.

While I do like Herbalife products, their shakes and teas are so so good, I just didn’t feel myself working in the nutrition club. I am still a distributor, and still buy product for myself and sell to those who ask me, but I’m not into it as heavy as before. I’ll also add that starting out in a nutrition club is EXPENSIVE. I fell deep down a rabbit hole of debt, to the point where I could no longer afford the gas to given get to the club. Staying home and feeling sorry for my poor, and I mean POOR, self, I did what any person needing money would do: I took resumes door to door. I went to every business in town that I was educated or qualified to work in, and found luck at my last stop.

I walked up the steps to a huge brick building and went through the doors of our local Assisted Living Facility, which I’ve been told is one of two if it’s kind in the entire state still operating. I went into the office door and told the woman at the desk that I wasn’t sure if they would be hiring, but wanted to drop off my resume anyways. She immediately sent me out to get fingerprinting done and take a drug test, which gave her time to review my resume and draw up some paperwork. She basically hired me in the spot! I’ve been in my position for 4 months now working as an aide, a custodian, and a cook and love my job. I make good money, just five minutes from home. So what’s the problem? Well the problem is that I work on-call. I’m scheduled 24 hours per week and am on call the other four days. This would be fine, if they were calling me. I’ve lately only been getting 48 hours on my bi-weekly paychecks and it’s just not enough for me. I’d like to buy a house eventually but a payment alone would be my entire months pay and leave no room for utilities, or appliances and furnishing. I’m exploring other options right now as to ways I can earn more money because on-call, I’m not allowed to hold another job, as this could take away my ability to come in whenever needed.

I know what you’re probably thinking… Why isn’t she using her Environmental Science degree?! Well the answer to that is an hour drive one way to work. All of the jobs nearest to me are an hour or more away, one way. So two hours of my day would be driving, plus an eight hour shift, and god knows how traffic would end up. So while I’m still actively looking for jobs in this field, I’m not currently in one.

My last idea is this: I was recently reached out to by a friend of my cousin to see if I’d be interested in watching her kids three days a week. I’ve figured it up and even paying on the low end, I’ll still make the same or more as I do at my current job. The main differences would be that I’d be on a set schedule, and no longer be on call. I love kids and would love doing fun activities indoors and outdoors with them. I love crafts and playing outside, so I think it would be so much fun to do. I’ll be going to meet the family thus Thursday so if this pans out, I’ll keep everyone posted 😉

While I’d LOVE to be a full time blogger and Etsy seller, that’s just not a practical goal to get done in the next few months. But working with kids while building my business is going to be an awesome start towards my goals. Who knows where it’ll take me 🥰

My Latest Works

These chunky crocheted blankets are the perfect gift for absolutely ANYONE on your shopping list! I have been making these for my parents and siblings for holidays and birthdays and they love them!

My favorite blanket I’ve done is the last pictured here. It was made for my grandma who battled Leukemia for the last 10 years. She was always chilly and since getting her blanket she took it with her to her many trips back and forth to the many doctors. After she passed, I gifted it to my Aunt, who I know is taking great care of it 💕🧶

What’s your favorite color? Let me know below what color schemes you’d like to see!


A New Adventure

Well I’m officially on my journey to becoming a part (eventually full) time Etsy seller. My store has been opened and I’ve added a few things to get it started. My photos are awful, but I have someone in the works planning to help me take good quality, and professional staged photos for my store! Stay tuned 😎

In addition to my new store, I have created this blog to talk about the projects and store items I’m working on, as well as everything under the sun. I promise you won’t get bored here!

That’s not all! I’ve also joined the mainstream and created an Instagram to show off some of my creations as well. As things progress I plan to do fun, interactive posts, and eventually some giveaways!

I hope that by stumbling upon this blog you decide to check out my shop and my pages! I’d love feedback and constructive criticism. Are you an Etsy seller? Let me know what has worked for you/hasn’t, and some tips and tricks to get the ball rolling would be highly appreciated! I find no shame in asking for help, as I’m very new to this world. Welcome to any advice 😊